Hot or Not: Scott Caan

This week I was thinking of continuing with the other brothers from the TV series Brothers & Sisters but, when I was browsing photos of Balthazar Getty I spotted a photo of him with the hottie above: Mr. Scott Caan. I immediately thought to myself: “Forget the brothers, bring on the hunk!”. Isn’t he a […]

Everlast, sing me a song will ya?

Funny thing this nostalgia I’ve been feeling about my teenager CD’s… Today (again looking for a soundtrack to my morning start) I discovered my collection of Everlast CD’s. Coincidence or not, It was exactly what I wanted and needed to hear today. The video below was the first song I’ve heard of Everlast (a.k.a. Erik […]

this part…

Scotty: How did you get so cute? Kevin: I was born this way. What’s your excuse? (…) Scotty: I Love this part, when you look at someone and they don’t look away I also do love that part… oh, I’m a hopeless romantic torn away by this somewhat ungrateful society! WOW… The side-effects of the […]