‘Nother round of if only’s Of all the ways you can know me How I take time going slowly All the time that I did on my own Still I walked when I shoulda run And I ran when I shoulda walked And don’t I know it And don’t I know it Jamie Woon – […]


I just wanna rest my head on your chest hearing the music you make it’s the universe taking a breath just let me in to your beautiful heart forget all the fear that you see it’s just you it’s just me that’s a start but these undercurrents they keep us surface (…) “Undercurrents” by Jeb […]

Open Fields

Another soul outside The great divide Your arms unfolding like daylight I touch your skin You let me in The earth is spinning just the right amount Your road, the only one I know Your light, the one that guides me home Your love, the scenary below It’s Open Fields, Open fields where we can […]