Out of Intermission

It has been 2 years, 3 months, 9 days since this blog went into hiatus – a total of:

  • 830 days
  • 19 920 hours
  • 1 195 200 minutes
  • 71 712 000 seconds.
  • Many memories undocumented.

This was one long intermission. Is there anyone still here?

For those who didn’t follow the story, back in January of 2010 I decided to close this blog – a pause , originally intended to last a month or two, to give me time to review what this space was, to organize the content, make a new theme… then, life kicked in, and Mr.WannaB was forgotten.

But I’ve missed it. I missed a place where I could write my mind with no constraints or personal censorship. I place where I can put my heart out, without thinking too much about it and it’s consequences.

Much has happened in 2 years. I’ve grown into a much different person in this time – some good, some not so good. This blog was always therapy to me, and I missed my “sessions” 😉

Ok, let’s get practical. Some generic disclaimers about this new incarnation of the blog:

  • All my old content was imported to this new address (http://lifeofwannab.com now redirects to http://blog.mrwannab.com)
  • I’m using the “Magnus” theme – a new original WordPress theme I’m actively developing and it will be released soon to the public.
  • Most of the images were not successfully imported and some video embeds don’t work anymore.
  • I’ll be working on editing the old content – add missing images, re-organize categories and tags, remove some posts (yes, who sais I can’t remove old posts I’m not happy with?)

So, if you dive into the archives, be warned some posts might not make sense (if they lack an image).

More posts about the Wonderful Life of Mr.WannaB are coming soon. It’s good to have a “home” again.

Peace and much Love 😉

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