Change of scenery

The original title for this post was going to be “Crap! The blog needs an update”, but I’m an optimistic guy and did not want the whole focus of this post to be about the total and complete lack of care for this blog, but instead to share the changes I’ve been undergoing in my life.

Recently I moved to a new apartment that I’m sharing with my dear friend João. The new apartment is amazing – a recently renewed triplex apartment in a very charismatic central part of Lisbon. I’m closer to the river now, but also still close to all the areas I love!

This change came after a night of heavy drinking with my friend João, when we both were complaining about our lives. Drunken as I could be, I said “What if we share an apartment?”. It was the best thing I could have said, and it started a change in my life way deeper than the simple change of scenery.

My old apartment was the stage for 7 of the most intense years of my life. It witnessed it all – the falling in (so deeply) and out (so hard) of love, the breaking of dishware in dramatic fights, the tears on my friends shoulders, the tears on my pillow alone at night and even the furious tears on the bathroom floor over an intense series finale (oh, good times, lol) and also the fantastic laughter of my dear friends over countless fabulous dinner parties. Damn, I grew into myself in that apartment, but now I’m outgrowing it and it was time to move on!

So this is a new leaf in the book of my life (oh and what a book it is) and I’m embracing it wholeheartedly!

The old apartment is going to go under some renovations and it will become available soon to tourists of the world to enjoy it! So, if you were ever in there and know how fantastic it is… pass along this information!! I’ll have a whole website set-up for it soon!

But back to the post title – “Change of Scenery” – these past two weeks spent here in the new apartment were two weeks of reflection on my life and my goals, also trying to make a review of my past and learning my lessons so I don’t screw up too much!

One topic that made me think a lot was our dependency on the material things. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start giving you a lecture about the spiritual side of life – not at all – but if you come to think of it, you really don’t need even half of the stuff you own. So as a “new apartment resolution” plan I’m gonna get rid of a whole lot of stuff! Maybe I should just do a kind of garage sale!!!

Anyway… another thing in my life that needs a change is this blog! I’ve never kept the same design for so long!!! A new design is mndatory!!

What about your life? Have you had any king of changes in scenery lately? Are you in need of a change?

Peace and much love 😉

2 thoughts on “Change of scenery

  1. Amigo!

    Ainda hoje, na minha playlist na TSF passou o tema da Jill Scott que apresento, falando em ti!

    Há um ano que estou neste novo apartamento, mas lembro-me bem do sentimento de renovação. A todos os níveis! E ele não acontece simplesmente porque mudamos de espaço, mas a necessidade de renovação exponencia-se.

    Mudar é recomeçar, e quando isso acontece, apece-nos ir sem nada atrás, levar apenas o que é realmente importante – nós próprios e as memórias!

    Because change happens 😉 e o vosso apartamento é lindo!

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