Come Rain or Come Shine

Lately my work life has been extremely fast-paced and exhausting. In times of worldwide financial crisis I can call myself lucky. But in a craft where you have to use your creativity, exhausted is not good at all.

The past week was a mess: 14h work days, almost never leaving the office (and my office is at home, so you do the math – heck, there where days I did not even leave the pajamas!).

This rhythm is not good for any kind of existence apart from work – the so called “social life” (hehehe).  So I guess this is part of the reason why this Wondeful Blog has been oh so still lately. It has always been an outlet to talk about my social interactions and now, that work has taken over, I feel like I’ve lost my voice (socially speaking).

Anyway, today I was trying to work (after a late work night last night – went to bed at 6am), but my brain was way too tired to produce anything it was being forced to produce. So my mind wandered away and I got caught by the unstable weather today: one minute it was raining, the next the sun was shining bright!

Those two photos above are not from today, but they embrace the concept of what I was seeing and feeling. You can see both original photos, the rain and the sunshine, both shot from my living room window, on my Flickr photostream. You can also check out a photo I actually snapped today of a Beautiful Rainbow that showed up!

Peace and much love 😉

One thought on “Come Rain or Come Shine

  1. My dear friend, the photos are beautiful… and sometimes I really miss the days when I lived in Praça… but for many other reasons and especially when I keep parking just in front of my building, I find that living here is… uma Graça!

    being creative is like being charming, you don’t learn it and in your case, you can’t help it, so… no matter how many hours you work I am positive you are being creative, you even vreated a beautiful post with a beautiful gift.

    much love 🙂

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