Jill Scott… live in Amsterdam!

What a concert! Words cannot express the river of emotions I felt!

So, as you might now, I came to Amsterdam to see my dear miss Jill Scott preform at the Paradiso concert hall. We got there and I was presented with this amazing hall, intimate and with a “homely” feeling to it, perfect for this kind of concert. The tension built as the time for the performace was coming up… I was standing center stage, with only a couple of people between me and Jill’s feet!!!

It was a perfect concert! Even better than the one I saw in Zürich back in November last year! She blinked at me (oh, I feel like a grupie!!!!) as the small group of us in the front sang the first verses of “Crown Royal on Ice” under her watchfull eye!! It was magical!

Unfortunately for you guys, I did not make a long clip as I did last time… but I needed to enjoy the concert without the distraction of the camera!!!!

Here it is… my edit on the clips of the concert:

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Here are some of the photos I took that day…

That’s it! It was one of those moments, oh so special, that will stay in my heart! Thank you Jill, again, for making me feel so good!

Peace and much love 😉

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