Everlast, sing me a song will ya?

Funny thing this nostalgia I’ve been feeling about my teenager CD’s… Today (again looking for a soundtrack to my morning start) I discovered my collection of Everlast CD’s. Coincidence or not, It was exactly what I wanted and needed to hear today.

The video below was the first song I’ve heard of Everlast (a.k.a. Erik Schrody, Whitey Ford or Mr. White) – What it’s Like – from the album Whitey Ford Sings the Blues. I’ve heard him before on the hiphop group House of Pain (the famous Jump Around theme, of course), but it was only with this release that I noticed HIM. What a huge teenage boy crush I had over him!!!!! :

This mix of HipHop/Rap with acoustic Rock music and his deep voice is very interesting. I see him as the Cowboy Rapper… hehe!

I later (can’t remember the date) got the chance to see him live at the Lisbon Coliseum. The room was only half full… I guess he wasn’t that famous here, but the concert was beautiful and the crowd was very much in sync. I remember going alone to the concert… feeling kinda like I feel now. Oh, I think I still have the concert ticket hidden somewhere!!! 😉

Other nice tracks/videos of Everlast:

I hope you enjoy his music.

Happy Freedom day (portuguese national holiday). Peace and much love 😉

One thought on “Everlast, sing me a song will ya?

  1. Mas olha que eu tmb prefiro que esteja murcho durante a semana, smp tou a trabalhar, durante o fds é k é calor, praia, sol xD

    Tu para ir ver o filme este feriado, depende se tiver sol ou não.
    Com sol vou pó Meco, sem sol vou pó cinema..xD

    Ou então as duas coisas…xD
    A noite tmb serve para alguma coisa né?

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