Pure Shores

Never been here before
Im intrigued, Im unsure
Im searching for more
Ive got something thats all mine
(got something thats all mine)
Ive got something thats all mine
(got something thats all mine)

Take me somewhere I can breathe
Ive got so much to see
This is where I want to be
In a place I can call mine (call mine)
In a place I can call mine (call mine)

A couple of days ago I read a post on Single White Male blog about the All Saints. Good memories I have of those times… Today, while looking for a soundtrack for my waking up (I always start my day with loud music at home, while I take a shower, shave, etc…), I stumbled upon a CD called All Saints Remixed. I thought it was a cd of remixes of their tracks, but it turned out to be so much more: they were indeed remixes, but they were mixed together in a non-stop All Saints extravaganza!!!! Delicious! 😛

The video I posted above is one of my favorites, specially because it is from a film I adore – The Beach.
I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane with me!

Other interesting All Saints videos:

Peace and much love 😉

3 thoughts on “Pure Shores

  1. Depois do Ray Of Light da Madonna começou-se a ouvir o som do senhor William Orbit… de sonoridade distinta, muito electrónico!

    Eu lembro-me de andar em Birmingham (e Londres acho) à procura de CDs do William Orbit (http://www.williamorbit.com/), mas como não é gajo para dar nas vistas (já tinha feito várias mixes para vários artistas), apareceu (com o Ray Of Light), manteve-se à tona (com as All Saints, etc) e voltou para as suas profundezas… sem chatear muito o pessoal… e quem reparou no trabalho dele, continuou a segui-lo.

  2. É uma grande banda sonora. Esta música das All Saints é genial (graças ao Orbit claro). Um filme razoável. Mas o melhor de tudo é mesmo o livro escrito pelo Alex Garland. Um dos livros da minha vida!!!

  3. i score high at “never ever” in PS3’s SingStar. 😛

    Just corrected my template so that your link (thank you!) doesn’t show a page full of broken and malfunctioning links.

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