The Sex, the city and things that never change

Carrie (reading to a little girl): “… then Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever-after.” You know, things don’t always happen like this in real life. I just think you should know that now.

ohhhhhh… I can’t wait for the movie to premier! This new trailer is even more exciting than the teaser trailer I saw before! Check out the official website to see more videos (with way better quality!!) –

Peace and love 😉

3 thoughts on “The Sex, the city and things that never change

  1. “[Miranda]: The only two choices for women – witch and sexy kitten.” I shouldn’t have watched the trailer – now I’ll basically be climbing up the walls until it premieres. Darn! Great post, btw

  2. On the official site (which i forgot to include in the post but already took care of it) there is another video, with a kind of documentary about the process of making the movie. The clothes are incredible!!!! 😀

    Hey João! 😉 welcome finally!

    Peace and much love!

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