Summer in Ibiza

WOW… What the… What’s up with all this colour and brightness???
Well, if you recall back in February 2006, i wrote:

Sometime soon i’ll let everybody know about a new blog… something more bright and shiny!

Well… it took a long time: The ending of an amazing relationsip; the hard road in mourn over it; making peace with the past (a whole lot of it); and finally turning the page and discovering the long waited brightness!

It was time for a redesign!
So, I present you: “Summer in Ibiza” – version 5 of my blog’s design!
This design is dedicated to my dear friends – the amazing “group of millionaires” that are always close to my heart – and to my new found love, Marco, with whom I hope to spend many summers in…

I hope it cheers you up when you see it. I’ll be waiting for your feedback in the comments section!

Peace 😉

4 thoughts on “Summer in Ibiza

  1. Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it it’s not new to me and U know why 😉
    Love it love it love it love it….
    Olha é verdade quando é que te posso cravar uma página assim como esta ;p
    Love it love it love it…
    Bem so para dizer love it! 😉
    Beijo gd Babe!

  2. Uau actualizou!!!!!
    babe. recebi uma carta linda do teu Pinhão. Preciso de falar contigo. Liga-me qualquer dia depois das 19:00 (hora de Lisboa). Ok? Bjos

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