Lost Without U

I can’t take this music out of my head. I’m absolutely loving it!! The video is not that great, but i post it here anyway.

  • Artist: Robin Thicke
  • Track: Lost Without U
  • Album: The Evolution of Robin Thicke (2006)

Tell me how u love me more
And how u think I’m sexy baby
That u don’t want nobody else
U don’t want this guy u don’t want that guy u wanna
Touch yourself when u see me
Tell me how u love my body
And how I make u feel baby
U wanna roll with me u wanna hold with me
U wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me
I just love 2 hear u say it
It makes a man feel good baby
Tell me u depend on me
I need 2 hear it

Im lost without u
Can’t help myself
How does it feel
2 know that I love u baby

7 thoughts on “Lost Without U

  1. Nada disso, credo!!!!!
    Será um RollsRoyce parte dois? Vamos ver… a verdade é que é a última pessoa em que eu devia estar a pensar, mas pronto.
    E vivam os dramas do WannaB!!!!!
    Amanhã piro-me para Madrid. A Vueling ofereceu-me um bilhete à borla num sorteio qualquer… ADOOOOOOOOOROOOOO!
    Beijos com saudades!

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