Love is a Force of Nature

After so many months of disappearance, here I come, one last time, to dedicate a post to the man that has made my life beautiful and colorfull.

A year ago i posted “Thanks a lot Mr. Valentine!“… complaining about being single (again) for valentine’s day. This year is the first valentine’s day of my life with a valentine… and oh my God… it’s amazing!

You probably noticed by now the photo from the “Brokeback Mountain” film above.
This post is also a dedication to this amazing film, wich i recomend to you all becouse Love is a force of nature

The third dedication of this post goes to my beloved friends (you know who you are). Thank you for all of the love and friendship you gave me through the rough times i went through last year.

This blog makes no sense now. It was a dark blog of sadness.
Fortunatly, I now have the fortune of having a full colored and bright life, with my partner and my great friends.
Sometime soon i’ll let everybody know about a new blog… something more bright and shiny! 😉

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the blog.

Peace… and Love

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